Offset Has Used ‘Y.R.N.’ Anniversary to tell Everyone Who Changed the Music Game



Offset, used his Instagram handle to say that ‘Y.R.N.’ has changed music game during there anniversary.” shit for kids,” is reminding fellow artists of the inarguable Migos influence on the sixth anniversary of the release of the trio’s Y.R.N.tape.

Offset bosted “We changed the game,” All your favorite artists sound like Migos. Let’s go back and see your rhythm in 2013. I challenge any artist to play their music as from 2013 and play their music now. Your cadence is now Migos sound in 2013.” Offset also suggested and said anybody  that  laying claim to such a legacy do some research, adding that the trio “made it possible for a lot of you guys to have life in this game.”

Catch the full message below and drop your comment.


The Legend Quavo backed up Offset’s legacy talk, sharing a post of his own affirming  with his handle and said: “Yes, we changed the game.”


Next up for Migos is Culture III, which is currently slated for a 2020 release date.

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