Eminem Lost His Father At 67: News

Eminem Lost His Father At 67: News


TMZ reports that Eminem’s Father Dead At 67 years.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr is Dead.
We’re sad to report on the death of Eminem’s biological father Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. As reported by TMZ, the famed Detroit rapper’s biological father has passed away at the age of 67. He is said to have died from a heart attack at his home. The 67-year-old reportedly passed near Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. was always mentioned frequently in Eminem’s earlier songs, where the rapper Eminem claims he was abandoned and He also previously wished death on his father.

As mentioned by TMZ in the report, Em held a major grudge against his dad, speaking about it in songs “My Name Is” and “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.” Eminem has said in the past that whenever he would send letters to his dad, they would be sent back unopened. He also had limited contact with the man, speaking to him rarely on the phone. Marshall Jr. split up with Em’s mother shortly after she gave birth to the rapper.

Rest in peace Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. We’re sending prayers and positive thoughts to Eminem’s family at this moment.

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