Exclamation Mark ! Trippie Redd Produced by Diplo

Exclamation Mark ! Trippie Redd Produced by Diplo


Trippie Redd ventures into the world of electronic music with a new track.
It’s been nearly a year since Trippie Redd released his Life’s A Trip album and he’s now getting ready to drop his next body of work in a couple of days and fans awaits his work.

Announcing his ! album a few weeks ago, the Ohio native started his rollout by sharing “Mac 10” with the world. His new album is out this week and it’s bound to be an interesting ride. If his fresh single is anything to go off of, this may be the most versatile version of Trippie that we’ve heard to this date.

! is definitely more of an electronic vibe, bringing in elements of festival bounce and a general summer ambiance. If the full album is like this, we’re definitely in for something interesting from Trippie Redd. Shout-out to him for trying something different.

Produced by Diplo


Damn, that shit hurt, bae
That shit hurt in the worst way
Why’d we fought in the first place?
Always mad on a Monday
Mind on a runway
I see you wanna run ‘way
Sometimes I wanna run away

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