Stizz Feat. Freddie Gibbs On Toast 2 That Cousin

Stizz Feat. Freddie Gibbs On Toast 2 That Cousin


Cousin Stizz & Freddie Gibbs drops the hard-hitting song.
Fresh off the announcement of his upcoming album Trying To Find My Next Thrill, Cousin Stizz has doubled down with yet another new single from the project with Freddie Gibbs.

This time, Stizz brings out “Toast 2 That,” a collaboration with Bandana lyricist and genuinely elite rapper Freddie Gibbs. Taking to some hard-hitting tracks from Tedd Boyd and Lil Rich, Stizz sets it off with a laid-back flow, opting to cruise against the instrumental’s natural inclinations. That’s not to say his approach isn’t effective, as Stizz’ charisma ensures he’ll get by in just about any situation.


I mix it up with B-tweeze my n***a
Vitamins good for my geekery my n***a
The blow Trader Joe got that organic dope
Got a hundred packs stuffed in the freezer my n***a

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